• Laikipia Highland Games

    Sports as a means to promoting peace dates back from the times of the first Olympics and has recently been recognized by the United Nations as a powerful tool to promote reconciliation.

  • Land of Hope

    Located in an area that only a few years ago was torn apart by ethnic and politically based violence and then abandoned, Land of Hope is now a vibrant eco-friendly community center where women, children and youth from different ethnicities come together.

  • Pokot Acrobatics

    In 2010, following a period of ethnic violence and drought which resulted in unruliness and crime, we gathered a group of 25 youths who had all been involved in violence, crime and poaching.

  • Community Eco – Charcoal Project

    It is imperative for the community to derive direct tangible benefit from the protection of the indigenous biodiversity.

  • Health

    The MNC has contributed directly to the health of the local communities through several initiatives.

  • Education

    Emanuele Gallmann was a passionate naturalist who died before he had the chance to develop his knowledge and continue his studies at Stanford University where he had been accepted.