Thanksgiving Day 28-11-2019

Ol Ari Nyiro
The Place of Springs
Laikipia, Kenya

28th November 2019

There is always a reason for gratitude wherever we live.

Ol Ari Nyiro - Rains coming


Today I give thanks for the rain
That fell from the sky
Settling the dust of the long drought
For the fresh grass growing green
And new blue buds on the Petria
The healthy crops of the neighbours, and the wisdom of the forest.

I give thanks
For the new born Elephant calves
And the babies of the Impala already kicking high
For the Warthogs families
Crossing the path with straight tails
For the lions roaring to the rising moon
For the turaco and starlings
Landing on my shoulder unafraid.

I give thanks to the secret termites for their giant mushroom gift.

I give thanks
For the innocent eyes of children
happy of an unexpected biscuit
and for the laughter of my small granddaughters
running amongst pink Cape Chestnut petals
Carpeting the lawn like butterflies wings.
For the restless traveler wind
Lifting the makuti rafters
and for the music of the stars.

I give thanks for peace after the storm
I give thanks to Kenya
And to her cheerful people and irresistible magic.
And I give thanks to YOU!

On Thanksgiving Day 2019
with all my heart I sing for Kenya.

Albino DikDik

And I give thanks for this Albino Dik Dik watching me -still- in the undergrowth as I was writing this.


Kuki Gallmann
In Ol Ari Nyiro
The Place of Springs
Laikipia Kenya
Bogani ya Utali amongst
Flowering Cassia




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And of course continuing to equip the outstanding team of rangers with uniforms, transport, binoculars, infrared cameras and everything they need to continue to protect and monitor the unique Biodiversity of Ol Ari Nyiro, and also support our ongoing re-forestation project to combat global warming by planting more and more indigenous trees.

With your help we can secure Kuki’s vision and legacy in perpetuity.

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  1. Rose L Gordon says:

    My monthly donation is so small, but perhaps like the tiny seeds of the acacia tree, or seed of the wild grasses, it makes some difference to you and your loving tending of the land and animals. I am touched by your poetry, your strength and determination, and the reciprocity – the beauty of spirit – that you give back to the land. Thank you so much for the photos and for your ongoing commitment. Every time i view your website I feel the expansiveness of the land you inhabit and tend. It is different than my pinon, juniper high desert land (near the Rio Grande in New Mexico)but similar in elevation and in the blessing of living beneath a shawl of sky and stars. As I view your photos my heart both weeps and rejoices…weeping for beauty…rejoicing for beauty. Thank you.

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