Laikipia Highland Games 2018 – Report

The Laikipia Highlands Games (LHG) – Sports for Peace

“All I yearned for, in those long months of hospitals and forced immobility, was to be back in Laikipia and to be able to walk with my loyal staff, holding their hands, carrying our banner, for the 10th Anniversary of the Laikipia Highlands Games- Sports for Peace, Emanuele’s Memorial.

They worked for weeks, long hours in the fields, the flags were of every colour- glorious in the wind – and all tribes came, and all my friends from far and close.
In every face a smile.
In every heart a song.

From over the clouds,
at the rhym of the horizon,
I know my boy smiled.
We made it”


22 September 2018

Ol Ari Nyiro
Laikipia Nature Conservancy
The Laikipia Highlands Games
Sport for Peace


Photo by Bianca

Photo by Bianca

Photo by Bianca

Photo by Bianca

Photo by Bianca

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