Drought 23-10-2017

Nairobi, 23 October 2017

Subject: Drought Dust Sun Hunger

On the occasion of the anniversary of the sixth month since I was shot (here below I remember:
It seems this update -that is now retrospective- was left unsent in the aftermath of the incident at Ol Ari Nyiro on 23 April 2017.

In February 2017 Kenya’s President HE Uhuru Kenyatta declared the devastating drought in Kenya a National Disaster.

We had already began -from 15th January 2017 weekly- distribution of relief food to our immediate neighbours at 3 stations on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of each week.

– Ol Moran – Mutaro Gate
– Nagum / Luoniek Gate
– Tebelekwa East Pokot Community at our western boundary

Prices of basic commodities such as maize in the meantime rapidly escalated, as the staple supplies ran out.
We had to order two weeks in advance the 11 bags of maize to make the third week ton.

So: from January to 16th April -the Sunday I was shot -52 times – every Saturday / Sunday / Monday we distributed staple drought relief food to our neighbours, and I made sure to be there in person.

We purchased -and kept ordering- maize beans sugar fat and Ugali flour for the women -who each got a week supply- and milk biscuits and mandazi for the children as a special treat.

Once a week the Mutaro children special treat continues every Saturday to date :

The children are picked up by our old bus and transported to watch nature documentaries and to be trained in acrobatics by the Pokot Youth Peace Team and TO EAT at our Land of Hope Community Project set up.

Progressively, the women and kids queues became longer and longer.
Our staff volunteered to give up their off days to help giving out the rations.
When we ran out of funds friends contributed.
But it was increasingly difficult to cope with the demand.

After an exhausting day at the end of February 2017- when once again we ran out of supplies, I wrote:

Kuti, 26th February 2017

What does one do
-standing exhausted in the heat and wind-
mouth full of dust,
grit in eyes twigs in hair
throat dry and hands sore
from hundreds weak handshakes…
When disconsolate I look at the empty supplies bags-

” Mama, mahindi Nahisha”
and I lift my eyes to the hundreds hopeful pressing at the gate.
Does God see this?
What have they done wrong?
They are the Turkana, the Kikuyu, the Nandi, the Borana and Meru women and their wide eyed kids. And the Pokot women neighbours.
Taste of dust
parched mouth dry lids
I find the soothing shade
of my darkened bedroom, collapse still dressed on my bed, and I write this.
Another day has gone
God will provide

A step at the time.

With Gratitude to all our friends and supporters of the
Drought Relief Food to Community project

Thank you from the heart for any help – also in kind.

On behalf of our neighbouring communities our blessings


Kuki Gallmann

With all the team and the volunteer staff of

The Gallmann Memorial Foundation
in Ol Ari Nyiro
Laikipia Nature Conservancy
Laikipia West
Northern Kenya

And now IT RAINS!

Some random shots here below that tell more than words can say:

Mutaro Laikipia West: 12th Relief food Distribution

Mutaro Laikipia West: 12th Relief food Distribution





Nagum Laikipia West

Nagum Laikipia West



Tebelekwa East Pokot Baringo

Tebelekwa East Pokot Baringo


With Gratitude to all our friends and supporters of the
Drought Relief Food to Community project

Thank you for any support – also in kind.

On behalf of the team, all staff volunteers, and our neighbouring communities our blessings


Kuki Gallmann
Ol Ari Nyiro


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