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9th of September 2017 – BREAKING NEWS

Our Friends at the International Conservation Fund of Canada have generously offered a 1:1 match for any donations we receive. If you have been thinking of donating, now is the time, please. Peace is slowly returning to Laikipia and we have a lot of infrastructure to rebuild and community work to do.
Read more about it here (PDF opens in a new page): ICFC Urgent Appeal for conservation needs in Laikipia, Kenya

Auto fuori strada per la nostra Squadra Antibracconaggio
Sponsor a Km 


Ol Ari Nyiro, 18th of November 2017

Kuki before the attack of 23 April 2017

Our Wildlife Guardians : Please Sponsor a Ranger

It is the time of year again when we ask you to embrace the festive spirit and support our team of rangers in the bush. This past year has been one of the toughest for the conservancy. In 2017 we faced a surge of armed militia that were looking to capitalize on the uncertainty around the elections to invade, vandalize and occupy community and conservancy land in Laikipia. The area saw an unprecedented level of violence but the conservancy anti-poaching team stood firm and received fantastic support from the Government.

Our rangers are remarkable men, they walk the bush day and night through arduous territory, following elephant tracks and looking for signs of poaching and illegal activity. They are under constant threat of ambush and attacks by heavily armed poachers and put their lives on the line for the wildlife every day. They inform us when elephants move outside the conservancy so that we can monitor their movements and try to ensure safe passage to the next conservation area. With the recent massive escalation in the poaching threat we have had to increase our frontline protection of the elephants by increasing our ranger force and giving them better training and equipment. As a result we have seen a decrease in elephant poaching on the conservancy in subsequent years, from the tragic peak in 2011 of 63 elephants, to 9 in 2015, 7 in 2016 and only 2 so far this year. However, the cattle invasions and ‘illegal grazing’ of the last year has had a major impact on the other wildlife, particularly the predators, many of which were poisoned, as well as buffalo and antelope that were killed for bush meat. The only way to combat this threat is for our team to continuously monitor and patrol the conservancy on the ground and through air surveillance when it is available.

Therefore we ask for your support in ‘Sponsoring a Ranger’, for a year at just $25 a month. You will get regular updates from us on our wildlife and rangers and your contribution will go a huge way towards ensuring the safeguarding of the wildlife of Ol Ari Nyiro. This could make a meaningful gift for a loved one. One off contributions also go a huge way and you will equally be included in our ‘Sponsor a Ranger Program’.

$1000 Ranger Station,
$300 Radio,
$200 Solar Charging system,
$75 Uniform,
$50 Spotlight,
$30 Boots

Read more about the Sponsor a Ranger project in our brochure (PDF opens in a new page): Sponsor a Ranger

Have a look at the Anti-Poaching efforts of our Rangers:

With your help we can secure Kuki’s vision and legacy in perpetuity.

Kuki with neighbours

Kuki at a Rangers ceremony

Please help us by making a donation below, however small or big it may be!!!

Kuki & The GMF team



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