Ivory burning 01-5-2016

Dear Friends,

I went  back today  to the Ivory site to bring food and hot tea to the crew left to finish the job and clear the mess:
As expected – hardly anyone there the day after-  passed yesterday’ glamour- red carpet, music  and speeches.
Puddles, mud blackened shapes disintegrating in the rain.

I thought of all those elephants whose carcasses I mourned.
The  stench the maggots and the gore. 114  -at least – of our  tusks went  up in smoke.  The ones we found before  the poachers  hacked them, carrying them stealthy and nimble through the laggas.

The ones  I had  sprayed in green took longer than the others.
I  smelt old bones, saw the fragments- and the ashes.
I do not need to go back.

We move on.
There will be other elephants.

The scent of burnt sandal wood still lingers. No one knows.


In Nairobi National Park
1st May 2016

The build up to the fire – 24/29 April 2016:

news-010516-01 news-010516-02


With Robin – who did it again:

news-010516-03 news-010516-04


Friday 29 April 2016: Floods



Yesterday 30 April 2016:

news-010516-06 news-010516-07


Today 1 May 2016

It poured all night:

What’s left

news-010516-08 news-010516-09
news-010516-10 news-010516-11


news-010516-12 news-010516-13
news-010516-14 news-010516-15
news-010516-16 news-010516-17


  1. Ilse says:

    When I see these pictures where have we come to. From the law in Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 2:15-18we got from our creator to take care of the earth and everything on it. How far away from nature we are with all our technology. My heart is bleeding to see the pain we cause for every living thing. We are monsters.

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