KBA 15-2-2017

Dear Friends,

Birds at Ol ari NyiroI am extremely proud to share that the process of uploading the accreditation to IBA/KBA on the official Birdlife International website had been completed at last – the accreditation was confirmed in 2014:

The Gallmann Memorial Foundation in Ol Ari Nyiro on Kenya Eastern Rift Valley Laikipia Plateau due to sustained protection of its unique ecosystem and tree cover, and of its underground waters and natural springs -and of its varied topography-  ARI NYIRO, IMPORTANT BIRD AREA (IBA) and KEY BIODIVERSITY AREA (KBA) no 064, is now uploaded officially in Birdlife International website with following link:



Kuki Gallmann
Ol ari Nyiro

Laikipia Nature Conservancy
On the Great Rift Valley

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