Emanuele Gallmann was a passionate naturalist who died before he had the chance to develop his knowledge and continue his studies at Stanford University where he had been accepted. In his Memory, the Gallmann Memorial Foundation set up various initiatives to give young Kenyan’s the opportunity to experience their natural heritage first hand and pursue their studies in environmental subjects.

So far over 40, 000 Kenyan youth have visited our Wilderness Education Centre free of charge. pokot-nursery 121The GMF has also granted dozens of secondary scholarships to needy and bright students as well as college and university bursaries. It is a great satisfaction to now see these young people forging careers in the wildlife sector. The Community Trust Fund which has recently been set up by the GMF will give more young people this opportunity, and importantly they will know that it comes directly from the wildlife of the conservancy.

It costs $2000 to put a student through the full 4 years secondary school. You will receive communication and updates from the student every semester.

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