Emanuele 12-4-2016

12 APRIL 1983 – 12 APRIL 2016

Dear Friends,

Emanuele with his dad Paolo

Emanuele with his dad Paolo

Emanuele's grave at Ol Ari Nyiro

Emanuele’s grave at Ol Ari Nyiro

Bolero with birds at the graves, and our dogs, and my love and longing.
A glass breaks on the tombstone.

33 years.

Today I renew my pledge of dedication to Ol Ari Nyiro, to its creatures to its hills and springs.

You will never grow old. You have never died.




Kuki's pledge

Kuki’s pledge


  1. Dakota Wolf says:

    I am deeply moved by the “story of your life” and your beautifully written books, which I treasure.
    I too love Kenya…I too understand profound loss.
    Thank you for your “humanity”…keep writing.

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