We have specific volunteer courses at certain times of year such as July and August. If you would like to volunteer at a different time of year please let us know. We expect all volunteers to have a love for the outdoors, independence, a capacity to focus, leadership skills, and dedication to a cause.

We are currently specifically looking for volunteers with experience in:

Social Media Marketing

Graphic Design

Film Making and Editing

All volunteers are required to fill in the Volunteer Application Form and send email it to education@gallmannkenya.co.ke and mukutan@gallmannkenya.co.ke. We will also require a resumé of all your past education, work and volunteer experience. Please be sure to mention all your talents, skills and hobbies.

Additionally, we will require at least two references, one preferably from an academic work point of view and the other on a more informal. It is very important to be clear and concise.

Please send a cover letter with details of why you wish to volunteer on Ol Ari Nyiro. Please be clear about your field of interest and your aspirations for your volunteer period on the estate. Please mention the period you are interested in visiting and for how long.

All volunteers that visit the estate are expected to be fully self-contained in every aspect of their stay on the estate. We, therefore, recommend finding independent financing or grant support before you plan a visit.

We have sponsorship programs for Kenyan citizens only