Farewell 2017, Welcome 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters

This is an overdue newsletter, but I am sure you understand.

I have been in and out of hospital for this last 8 months. My last surgery was last week and i have been discharged at Christmas.

You have been such amazing supporters over the years, and during the time of hell and sadness, I valued your warmth your messages and generosity more than I can put into words.

You kept us going.

While proper reconstruction of The Retreat will begin as soon as we can put together what it takes, the last few months were spent in clearing mountains of debris and rebuilding infrastructure and sourcing and purchasing machinery (like tractors and trailers, that were burnt) without which we cannot begin to rebuild.

So here goes:
I shall not be amongst those who regret saying farewell to 2017.

2017 -a year of unprecedented drought brought about by climate change and an election year in Kenya-, was a time of unprecedented challenges, in which our resilience -tested again and again in the course of time- had to face our most severe tests yet.

I shall not dwell in the negative: not on the heartbreak of arsons, attacks and violence that shook the entire region of Laikipia, and did not spare Ol ari Nyiro, and on which World Media has dwelt at length and in detail.

I have chosen this date symbolically, -23rd December- as today marks the anniversary of the 8th months since I was shot, 23rd April, (yesterday I left the hospital after the second and, hopefully, last major surgery) and the beginning of the long journey to recovery.

My body is on the mend, and the spirit has once more carried me through.

It is when we have to face life’s hurdles that we gather our strength and count our blessings to emphasize the positive and revive THE VISION.

Our major strength is the loyalty of our staff, the love of our family and the support and solidarity of our friends.

In the course of time the story of Ol Ari Nyiro’s shrine on the Rift Valleys hills, it’s timeless wilderness and ancient mystique and mystery have touched thousands, and thousands were reached by the hand of charity and compassion, because, with your support, while protecting the unparalleled environment of the land, we helped the less privileged of our neighbours.

Our neighbours have always been our strongest allies and friends, whilst we have been there for them gathering our strength to help in times of need, in droughts and famines, disease and insecurity.

In this unprecedented year 2017, we at The Gallmann Memorial Foundation, beginning from 21st of January, pledged to alleviate the ravages of an unprecedented protracted drought, and distributed food help, at 3 stations weekly, to thousands of women and children.

This goes on with the children to today.

Community support, Rain Harvesting, Muthengera fires


Public Health

Environmental Protection and Research


Security Biomass Charcoal and Oils


Infrastructure and Maintenance


Beehives and Honey Project

Two apiaries were built, the first located at the Centre and the second involved the renovation and transformation of the old bee processing house at Kuti. In addition a new processing house was built at the centre and the honey processing equipment installed.

Photos talk more than words and the choice of the photos below will tell its tale. Rains finally came, and with rains life, grass, full lakes, and the migrating elephant herds. Nights roared with lions, clouds of migrating butterflies trembled like fairies in the sky, where flocks of migratory birds renewed their journey.

We wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for standing with us when we needed to know the world heard, and reached out to us. Nothing could have been achieved without your support.

We pray for peace and serenity and dreams fullfilled, and sanity restored in our planet.

HAVE A GREAT 2018 !!

With gratitude from the Heart.


Kuki Gallmann with Sveva, Nigel & Nashipae


The tireless Staff and team of Ol Ari Nyiro, Laikipia Nature Conservancy

On the Great Rift Valley of Kenya
23 December 2017

Special thanks to:

The Government of Kenya
The Kenya Wildlife Services
The GSU, AP, and ASTU teams


Drought Relief Food Distributions


Land of Hope Kids and Teachers Training


Rain Harvesting Systems Donations to Neighbours


New Tractors and Forklift


Honey and Beehives


Reforestation and Tree Planting



Environmental Protection and Monitoring



Eco Charcoal






Please help us fund the rebuilding and maintaining of vital conservation infrastructure on Kuki’s Laikipia Nature Conservancy and equip the outstanding team of rangers with everything they need to continue to protect and monitor the unique Biodiversity of Ol Ari Nyiro, assist our neighbouring communities and support our re-forestation project to combat global warming by planting more indigenous trees.

With your help we can secure Kuki’s vision and legacy in perpetuity.

Please help us by making a donation below, however small or big it may be!!!


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