Get young people into Nature to have experiences they will never forget. Sleep under the stars. Watch silently as an elephant ambles past within meters. Learn to read tracks in the dust. Listen to elders tell stories by a crackling fire. Climb down a forgotten valley to a 400 foot waterfall forgotten by time. Grow your own vegetables. Connect with Nature.

The Laikipia Wilderness Education Center was built in Memory of Kuki’s son Emanuele in order to be able to offer other young people the chance to experience nature first hand.

To date over 40, 000 young Kenyan have been to the education center for free. Staffed by an excellent team of guides and ecologists, the center is open for school visits, field trips and a variety of courses.

During summer months and holidays we are developing a series of summer camps, wilderness survival courses, leadership courses, documentary film making courses, creative camps and so forth for youngsters and teenagers.

Revenue from these experiences will sponsor Kenyan children to have the same experiences.

Childhood impressions last for a life time. It is the children that must be taught environmental responsibility, and the ways in which they will personally benefit as adults from a wholesome ecosystem sustainably managed. A seed of interest planted in a young mind, will germinate to bear invaluable fruit in the future.