Kuki shot 23-4-2017

Ol Ari Nyiro, 23th of April 2017

Kuki before the attack

On Sunday April 23th, Kuki Gallmann was ambushed and shot by armed raiders on her Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya, in an unprovoked attack while inspecting property destroyed by arson. With devastating gunshot wounds to the stomach, she is now fighting for her life.

Kuki is one of Kenya’s most famous conservationists and the best-selling author of I Dreamed of Africa. For over forty years, she has put heart and soul into creating the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, defending the environment to provide a refuge for wildlife, promoting Kenya’s long term sustainable development through the Foundation she established in memory of her husband and son, and offering a platform for scientific research.

Her annual Laikipia Highland Games, Sport for Peace and Earth Events, celebrating the cultural diversity of the nomadic people that are her neighbours, have promoted peace and understanding in a volatile area. Her work with local communities has been extensive, sheltering refugees from tribal wars, offering medical aid, supporting the emancipation of women, and providing education and employment opportunities.

Now, as she lies recovering in hospital, her life’s work is under unprecedented threat. Over the past few months Laikipia has suffered a wave of violence and vandalism as armed nomads from outside the region, spurred on by overgrazing, drought and political incitement, attack fellow nomads, small-scale subsistence farmers and ranchers alike. In the wake of these invasions, wildlife has been butchered in the thousands and over 50 people killed across the county.

Mukutan before the arson

Mukutan after the arson

Kuki’s conservancy has suffered over $1 million of arson damage to vital infrastructure that supports and sustains the conservation effort, including lodges, barns, tractors, fences and staff housing.

Burning of the barn…

…and after

Kuki has stood her ground repeatedly against these raiders despite shooting, looting and repeated arson attacks. She has fought tirelessly, not only for the protection of the Conservancy and its wildlife, but in defense of the rule of law, the stability of Kenya and all the other innocent people who are being attacked.

Kuki has dedicated her life to providing a safe haven for elephants and all manner of creatures. Let’s help her continue this mission.

The tractor was burnt first…

…but the water bowser survived!

Please help us fund the rebuilding and maintaining of vital conservation infrastructure on Kuki’s Laikipia Nature Conservancy and equip the outstanding team of rangers with everything they need to continue to protect and monitor the unique Biodiversity of Ol Ari Nyiro, assist our neighbouring communities and support our re-forestation project to combat global warming by planting more indigenous trees.

With your help we can secure Kuki’s vision and legacy in perpetuity.

Kuki with neighbours

Kuki at a Rangers ceremony

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For Kuki,
The GMF team


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