World Environment Day 5-6-2016

5th June 2016

Dear Friends!

The tortoise is slow and this update is late*..
(but not late to celebrate- World Environment Day.)

With rains, and grass green all life shone again.
Blooms opened on old branches encrusted with lichen, nests filled with eggs, sky with wings, and a thousands frogs serenaded the new moon from the ponds and lakes.

From their secret dens surfaced tiny new warthogs- irresistible- running eager and straight- tailed behind their trotting mothers.

On my windowsill, curled on his black and white tail, a young striped zorilla polecat slept curled into a ball- sated with night mice. Genets spied from tree branches and Mongoose of the white tail crossed the path with undulating movements.

Ground squirrels jumped zig zagging in front of my car- new wild dogs puppies were discovered in Enghelesha and young black- maned lions growing a black mane – the future kings- fill darkness with roars.

The elephants watch undisturbed by the buffalo – kicking red dust slowly, balancing wrinkled legs with infinite patience.

My friends the starlings who fly to my table up, watch me head bent on one side and steal my cheese. The crown crane couple nest again at the big Dam.
The wild white gardenia is covered in flowers, and fill the air with jasmine and honey.

At the Nest alone on my birthday night bats came to touch my face with frills, thousands birds chattered the morning concert.

In a few weeks now Sveva will have her baby- time flies, and I shall relish being a Grandmother at last.

Remember all things pure and free- on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY


Kuki Gallmann

Ol Ari Nyiro
Laikipia Nature Conservancy
Laikipia West
On the Great Rift Valley of Kenya


And from Ol Moran Community Children come to explore. They will never forget it.

And from Ol Moran Community Children come to explore. They will never forget it.

Photo Credits with thanks :

Our friends


Ali – and me..)

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