Ivory Petition 27-10-2017

Dear friends,

The biggest ivory bust in history just happened in Hong Kong. 1000 elephants were slaughtered for one shipment(!), only to end up as little trinkets on people’s coffee tables!

Hong Kong is like Ivory Island — the industry is booming there. As long as it’s legal, more and more beautiful elephants will be slaughtered. At this rate, they could literally be extinct in 10 years.

The government wants to ban this awful trade, but industry lobbyists are making it a nightmare. Our massive community can drown out their baseless arguments, give the government the backing they need, and save thousands more elephants from slaughter, but it will take each one of us to make it big enough.

Let’s build a mega-petition to save the elephants, then Avaaz will flood Hong Kong with ads, hit politicians with targeted advocacy, and stir up a media frenzy. Add your name and share widely — let’s shut down ivory island!

Tell Hong Kong — ban ivory for good!

Our amazing movement has played a massive role in the fight to save elephants from extinction. Now even China, the world’s biggest ivory market, is banning it!

But to save the elephants, it needs to be banned everywhere. Since it’s still legal in Hong Kong, buyers from China just hop over and buy their knick-knacks from there instead — they make up 90% of Hong Kong’s bustling ivory market!

We can close the market in Hong Kong– there’s already genuine political will to pass the ban, now we need a crazy huge outcry to show officials that the entire world is calling on them to ban ivory.

There was a time when 25 million elephants roamed around Africa. Now an elephant dies every 15 minutes! It’s outrageous and tragic all at once. Let’s help stop it. Add your name and tell everyone, it’s time to shut down ivory island:

Tell Hong Kong — ban ivory for good!

We’re in a fight against time. If we don’t stand up for the elephants again and again, they will be soon be gone. It’s up to us, let’s not let these beautiful creatures down.

With hope,
Rewan, Danny, Nataliya, Luca and the entire Avaaz team

More information:

Hong Kong launches bill to ban domestic ivory trade (The Guardian)

An African ranger’s message to Hong Kong’s ivory traders: Stop this now, “preferably today” (Quartz)

Ivory buyers will ‘wipe out elephants in 10 years’ says wildlife expert, pointing blame at Chinese traders (South China Morning Post)

Elephants on the path to extinction (The Guardian)

How else can you help shut down ivory island?
There’s more you can do to help!

First, sign this petition to the EU to ban ivory there as well — help hit a million signers!

The EU is shockingly the biggest seller’s market for ivory in the world, and supplies Hong Kong with a lot of the ivory sold there. But they also have a ban on the table, and we need to push them just as hard as Hong Kong!

Next, help spread the word about this Hong Kong ivory campaign — making this massive is how we shut down this bloody trade:

Share on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/hk_ivory_61/?tPhHXdb&v=500362821&cl=13383703227&_checksum=1cea4cfbfecae1835b497b6787c7aed9559de16e9735043904f449922e237eb3

…and send the message above to friends and family.

Let’s make it happen!
The Avaaz team

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