Biodiversity 25-10-2016

The Python, The Elephants, The Small Five Magic and the intriguing mystery of the Print on the Sand: The Biodiversity Update


image2In the sky of October clouds gather.
The first grass rains beat their drum on the dust
Waking up the Dung Beatles
who buzz content in the gathering dusk





imageall around their old palace
on the Phoenix Palm in my garden.
Bees swarm everywhere in a frenzy of breeding.






On the sand of the track we surprise
the elusive foot print
of the lion male.



My friends, -the Go Away Birds –
watch me unafraid -and my piece of Papaya – with tilted heads from the Petria bush.



photo-1The python sleeps away in the thicket-
her belly swollen with the bushbuck child-.





image4And the elephant silent
Wait for the invading cattle herds to move out to reach the lakes :
The largest bull
Fighting another to gain the waiting wife-





image3Breaks the tips of his tusks…-
but we gather them in time,
Safe for the KWS.
Life goes on,
many a storm will be weathered,




The wise shape of the hills will never change.


With team

Ol Ari Nyiro Conservancy
On the Great Rift Valley

October 2016

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