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Sveva & Kuki Gallmann

Sveva & Kuki Gallmann


Kuki’s son and husband: Emanuele Pirri-Gallmann (l) and Paolo Gallmann (r).

When Kuki Gallmann lost her husband in 1980
she embraced the biggest challenge of her life: To preserve a wild oasis of biodiversity through sheer determination, willpower and imagination. Knowing only that it was the right thing to do she closed down the ranching business and offered the land back to nature. The regeneration of the vegetation and resultant biodiversity (which is measured annually by a team of scientists) is a testament to her commitment.




Emanuele Pirri-Gallman

In 1983 Kuki’s son Emanuele, who was studying herpetology, was bitten by a puff adder whilst he was extracting venom to make anti-venom. He was only 17. Kuki’s healing was to turn this tragedy into something positive and started the Environmental Education projects of the Gallmann Memorial Foundation to give Kenyan and international youth the chance to experience nature. As a result, thousands of Kenyan school children have experienced the wilderness of Ol Ari Nyiro for free and countless others have been sponsored through secondary and college education, many innovative and inspiring courses have blossomed to bring youth into connection with Nature.

Kuki Gallmann

Kuki Gallmann

Her foresight and single- minded belief in this mission has created what the Ol Ari Nyiro – Laikipia Nature Conservancy, is today.





Sveva Gallmann

Sveva Gallmann

Kuki’s daughter Sveva and her partner Nigel have returned to Ol Ari Nyiro to continue this legacy and to find innovative, creative and sustainable ways of generating jobs and income and improving lives whilst maintaining an unwavering dedication to the preservation and flourishing of the biodiversity of the conservancy.



…To preserve a wild oasis of biodiversity through sheer determination, willpower and imagination…


  1. Billie Bowden Haas says:

    Like Kuki, I too have dreamed of Africa as a young girl of 8 years of age. I dreamed of helping mothers and young children there, as Kuki and her daughter and this foundation have done. Dreams do come true.

  2. Elizabeth Deer says:

    My beautiful son, Ben 040179-230501 was murdered in Jakarta, Indonesia. I will never be a grandmother but my whole life I too have dreamed of Africa and had intended to visit. I am now 75yrs old and use a walker. When my son was killed I lost an enormous amount of money so it is unlikely that I will make it. I loved the book and the film. Sveva I believe you are about the same age as my Ben

  3. Lucy Turnbull says:

    Just watched the film. Very few words can express adequately the unnaturalness and pain of losing a child on the verge of becoming an adult. The words in the film were beautiful. As someone who lost a boy the same age I cried. You are brave. I dreamt of Africa and went. I dreamt of Sri Lanka and went. I dreamt of Kurdistan and went. Each time you give up something you gain much, much more. Nothing lasts forever. Go where you dreams tell you to go.

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