World Biodiversity Day 22-5-2016

“To See a World in a Grain of Sand
and a Heaven in a Wild Flower.”
Hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand
And Eternity in an Hour”.

William Blake


On 22nd May 2016

World Biodiversity Day

Dear Friends

I choose this significant day to share a promise of news with you.

Up the hills and down steep valleys the team climbed for over two years now since its first glimpse rewarded botanist researcher Kennedy Wambua of The National Museums of Kenya : to spy on the slow, unpredictable development of this little plant, first seen in bud, much later bearing yellow flowers… and unchanged since well over a year…

…up to now- when, on 21st May 2016, after months of long heavy rainfalls- it was found with FRUIT at last!

Please see attached the interim report: Biodiversity importance of Ol Ari Nyiro.

With joy and overwhelmed by Nature Mysteries.

Thank you, Ken!


Kuki Gallmann
Biodiversity Section

The Gallmann Memorial Foundation
in Ol ari Nyiro
Laikipia Nature Conservancy
Laikipia West
on the Great Rift valley of Kenya

The long journey of the little Vepris :

 Leaves  Buds Flowers
 August 2014  November 2014  August 2015


  !!! 21st May 2016:  
PastedGraphic-1 PastedGraphic-3

From  2015 NMK  BIODIVERSITY SURVEY report :

Currently, more 2100 different species of plants and animals are known from OAN. These include 14 amphibians (i.e. frogs and toads), 56 reptiles, 480 birds, more than 800 vascular plants, and 762 macro-invertebrates. These findings make OAN one of the richest ecological units in Kenya.

with  special thanks to our forester,  Thomas Ole Kaichu

Vepris Home

Vepris Home


  1. Dakota Wolf says:

    Happy Birthday Kuki! As someone who has enjoyed your books, shared a love of Kenya and is working to help Africa’s wild life, I send you warm Birthday wishes from Aspen, CO. USA. I hope one day to visit your Laikipia!

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