Emanuele – 7-1-2021

Kuti, Laikipia Nature Conservancy
on The Great Rift Valley of Kenya


Venezia, 7th January 1966
Laikipia , Kenya 7th January 2021

Dear Friends,

Today is my late Son Emanuele birthday.
A special day of remembrance for me.

He was born on a night of snow, in Venice, on the 7th of January 1966.

He died seventeen years later, here, in the African sun.

The first person he saw, was me. And the last.

Here is what I wrote about his birth, in my autobiography, I Dreamed of Africa:”

Kuki Gallmann

The Gallmann Memorial Foundation



The Gallmann Memorial Foundation

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And of course continuing to equip the outstanding team of rangers with uniforms, transport, binoculars, infrared cameras and everything they need to continue to protect and monitor the unique Biodiversity of Ol Ari Nyiro, and also support our ongoing re-forestation project to combat global warming by planting more and more indigenous trees.

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