Drought 12-3-2017

Dear Friends,

Kenya President HE Uhuru Kenyatta
in February 2017 declared the devastating Drought in Kenya a National Disaster.

We had already began distribution of relief food to our immediate neighbours at 3 stations.

Prices of basic commodities such as Maize have on meantime escalated. We had to order one week ago 10 bags of Maize we managed to get in time yesterday.
The ones below are today’s – 12/3/2017 –
photo before this gadget ran out of power.

Thank you for any  support – also in kind.

On behalf of the team, all staff volunteers, and our neighbouring communities our blessings

Mutaro Laikipia West
12th Relief food Distribution
Sunday 12/3/2017

The Kids


The Women










Kuki Gallmann
Ol ari Nyiro

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