The Gallmann memorial Foundation is registered in the USA as the Gallmann Africa Conservancy and has tax-deductible not-for-profit 501- c3 status.

Our current funding priority is to raise $85,000 towards our anti-poaching activities to help save the elephants and other biodiversity of Ol Ari Nyiro.

This money will be used specifically to set up a sniffer dog unit and to buy a new digital radio system for our scouts.

Sniffer dogs are a small part of an increasingly desperate struggle to curb poaching all over the African continent. One of the most effective tools to an anti-poaching strategy is to deter poachers from even coming into an area. In this regard, there is no tool more effective than tracker dogs. Even if the poachers are not ambushed or stopped before the crime, they will almost definitely be caught with dogs after the crime. They cannot get away.

Dogs have been used with great success in conservation areas and given the rugged terrain and dense vegetation a sniffer dog team is essential to tackle elephant poaching on LNC.

LNC is looking to purchase 2 trained sniffer dogs to act as a deterrent against would be poachers.  The dogs will be used to track human scent, to sniff out elephant tusks, ammunition or guns and to protect the rangers. Dogs can track a trail for 24 hours. Borrowed dogs have already in the past led us straight to the poacher’s door.

If human tracks are found or if our informers say that poachers have entered the conservancy dogs can help track them BEFORE they get to an elephant. This is a significant deterrent for any poacher and will have a huge impact on their ability to successfully carry out an elephant attack.

Sniffer Dogs will also guard against ARSON. Poachers and bandits frequently set fires as a distraction for our whole team whilst they plan a poaching attack. Sometimes we see people fleeing from the site of the fire, sniffer dogs will actually help us track these individuals and will have an ENORMOUS impact on the incidence of arson. We anticipate that a sniffer dog team will reduce our arson incidents by at least 80% within the first 2 years.

In the Kruger National Park, Rangers, with the help of their canine partners, have performed daily patrols in the areas where poaching is common. The anti-poaching initiative arrested 53 suspects between January and June 2014. In 2013, a total amount of 133 arrests were made for rhino-poaching related crimes.

Reynold Thakhuli, a national parks spokesman for the Kruger, said with such positive results, Thakhuli said the park plans to double the size of the anti-poaching dog program to 40 dogs by the end of 2015, with the goal of stationing them “to all gates and ranger posts” of the park.

Currently our ability to respond to threats is hampered by a communication system which relies on poor telephone network coverage. Given the rugged terrain of the conservancy and the increasing threat of poaching we need to upgrade our radio system to guarantee coverage over the whole conservancy with GPS fitted radios that can be tracked and remotely turned on even when a situation does not allow for people to communicate with us vocally.

These radios will link into a command centre which will be able to monitor patrol movement and deploy rapid response teams when needed.  We need to raise $50,000 in order to put this system in place.  This includes multiple portable handheld radios, as well as a base station and repeater.

Budget Details
2 Trained Sniffer dogs @ $12, 000 each                                  $ 24,000

2 x Dog Handlers / Trainers x 1 Year                                         $ 12,000

Dog Maintenance- Food and Equipment  x 1 year                   $ 4,000

Total Dogs                                                                                       $ 40,000

Digital radio System and Installation                                        $ 50,000

TOTAL BUDGET                                                                        $ 90,000

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