• Nairobi to Laikipia 23-4-2018

      Laikipia to Nairobi 23 April 2017 I was flown From the dust between the graves On a torrid blue sky Over parched land Dust devils swirling incessant On the thirsty Savannah My life blood flowing out To drench the seats of the craft Memory of stretchers, Masked doctors in blue Needles in my arms […]

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  • 35th Anniversary Emanuele 12-4-2018

    12th of April 1983 – 12th of April 2018 Emanuele’s death so soon after Paolo’s brought the inspiration and vision for the protection in perpetuity of Ol ari Nyiro, now despite the challenges, a lung of green, forest and thriving biodiversity amongst degraded landscapes. The trees of Acacia Xanthophloea I planted on the graves on […]

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  • Sveva & Kuki Gallmann

    Our Story

    Sveva & Kuki Gallmann When Kuki Gallmann lost her husband in 1980 she embraced the biggest challenge of her life: To preserve a wild oasis of biodiversity through sheer determination, willpower and imagination. Knowing only that it was the right thing to do she closed down the ranching business and offered the land back to […]

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