• Archaeology

    Ol Ari Nyiro is situated along the eastern Kenyan edge of the Great Rift Valley across the Tugen Hills, where Orrorin Tugenensis- Millennium man- was found in 2000.

  • Elephants

    The Laikipia Nature Conservancy, Ol Ari Nyiro, is a favoured breeding ground for elephants who migrate from other parts of the country to give birth here.

  • Anti-Poaching

    The Security of the conservancy is dependent on creating a delicate balance between community education and involvement, and a response force that can both anticipate and react to threats.

  • Biodiversity

    Due to its unique topography which spans from 2000ft ASL to 6500 ft ASL, Ol Ari Nyiro encompasses several different habitats and eco-systems and is refuge to a wide variety of plant and animal species.

  • Reforestation

    Kenya’s indigenous forests have been depleted at an unprecedented rate over the past few decades to make poor quality charcoal and make way for inefficient agricultural land use.

  • REDD+ Carbon

    LNC's dedication to the protection of the flora and fauna of the conservancy for the last 40 years has put it in a unique position to be able to undertake a REDD+ project.