Pokot Acrobatics

In 2010, following a period of ethnic violence and drought which resulted in unruliness and crime, we gathered a group of 25 youths who had all been involved in violence, crime and poaching. Long conversations revealed that there was little for them to do with their time in their community and few alternatives to pastoralism thus cattle rustling and poaching are often seen as entertainment.

We gave them an alternative through acrobatics and performance which they combine with their breath-taking song and dance and story-telling. Now these young men have travelled far and wide with their performance and have become heroes, mentors and trainers for the youth in the area, advocating peace and educating their peers against poaching.

They conduct trainings in schools and catalyse community projects such as bee keeping and rain water harvesting.
The Pokot Youth Acrobatics Team are the drivers of change in their community.
Have a look at our gallery of stunning acrobatic images by Pokot Acrobats:


Stay tuned for exciting updates on Pokot Community Wildlife Guardians protecting the wildlife in the crucial corridors outside the conservancy, micro-finance schemes started by the acrobats, a mobile cinema educating communities – or email svevagallmann@gmail.com for more information and how you can support an acrobat as a catalyst for positive change.


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